Our flagship product, the AWG 1500, provides up to 1500 litres (we guarantee a minimum of 1000 litres per 24 hours) of fresh clean drinking water per day, with minimal maintenance and low running costs. It can be supplied and deployed in single or coupled units to meet demand.

AWG 1500

The AWG 1500 produces clean drinking water from sea, lake, river, swamp or borehole. It can be containerised, trailer mounted, standalone or coupled to increase capacity and truck mounted for mobility.

Low Maintenance

The machine can be set up and operational by one person in less than 2 hours with no other operational intervention required other than ensuring a continual supply of feed water and power.

It is maintenance free for up to 12 months with remote monitoring and maintenance via GSM cellular available if required. It is robust and can be supplied to IP65 and will run for many years with just simple annual servicing. Maintenance and servicing are very simple and full training and instructions are provided.

No chemicals or filters are needed and no, or very little, additional equipment is required.

Extremely Efficient

Our VVC process reduces seawater salt levels to less than 4mg/L, removes hormones, heavy metals and removes most pathogens (other than heat resistant Bacillus and Clostridium which can be eradicated with the use of UV).

Rated at 1.25kWh, the AWG can lift a 5 metre head of water and produce up to 1500 litres of water per day using only 30kWh = 2 watts per litre. The cost of producing clean, safe water can be as little as 3p per litre.

All our machines are manufactured in Scotland using only the highest quality materials and components including Titanium and Stainless Steel 316L.

Technical Data

Full Data and Specifications can be obtainer by contacting us directly.

Clean Water Produced from 1000-1500 litres /24hr (dependant on ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure)
Power Consumption 1.3 kWh
Residual Salt (NaCl) trace (< 4ppm)
Salt Content in Seawater 35,000 ppm

Energy use

The standard version of the AW Freshwater Generator is produced with a flat surface heat exchanger , for use with very cloudy input water. The Generator can also be built with a shell and tube heat exchanger. The higher specified shell and tube unit has a larger footprint than the standard unit. The basic principle of the AW Generator is the evaporation of water from the source supply, followed by condensation of the steam to produce pure freshwater.

It is well know that the evaporation of water requires significant energy input. The concept behind the AW Freshwater Generator is to ensure that the transfer of thermal energy within the unit is carried out in an optimum manner. By recovering and re-utilising the energy generated by the process and optimising the heat transfer within the system, the power consumption of the Generator is reduced to a fraction of that which is normally required to evaporate and condense water. In addition, a pressure differential is created in the main heat exchanger by the use of a fan.

This allows thermal energy liberated from the condensation of steam on the one side of the heat exchanger to be used to evaporate the salt water, breakwater or contaminated freshwater on the other side. Overall, this leads to energy savings of 95% within the system.

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