AWG 1500

The AWG1500 produces pure drinking water from sea, ground and surface water.


It is electrically driven (rated at 1.3kWh) and can produce up to 1500 litres of pure drinking water per day.


It does not use chemicals, membranes or filters.


Automatic in operation and with remote operating and monitoring technology, the AWG1500 is a cost effective way to produce the purest water from most contaminated sources with virtually no human intervention required. It is low maintenance and needs only 1 annual service under continual operation, providing solutions for a wide range of problems - from distillation for industry and leisure to humanitarian aid and disaster relief.


  • desalination by distillation for drinking water both off and on shore
  • polishing pre-treated water
  • the purest distilled water
  • purifying ground water contaminated with heavy metals
  • removing salts, minerals and hormones
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