Aberdeenshire-based Company Demo Revolutionary Fresh Water Generator Ahead of World Water Day

The Atlantic Water Company demonstrates its mobile fresh water generator unit at its Newmachar headquarters to mark World Water Day (Saturday 22nd March 2014).

The Atlantic Water AWG1500 Vacuum Vapour Compression water purifier is capable of producing up to 1,500 litres of clean water per 24 hours from sea, swamp, river or bore hole with no filters or chemicals required, producing clean water at £0.002 p/litre.

The generator is simply connected, powered up and the user can then enjoy an uninterrupted supply of clean drinking water with minimal human intervention required. It can be operated and monitored remotely and can operate in temperatures between -10 C to 60C. The robust and flexible nature of the generator means it can be trailer mounted individually or in banks and powered by mains, generator or fuel cells.

Peter McCann, company director, says, “Our company vision is to give access to pure water for everyone, everywhere. There are so many applications for our generator from remote rural locations off the grid, to offshore installations and areas that are struck by emergency situations and require fresh drinking water.

Peter continues, “Our generators provide fresh drinking water for water stressed communities, emergency relief and humanitarian aid, water security, remote/off-grid installations, municipal supply, desalination, decontaminating ground and surface water and sustainable business opportunities.

“We are currently undergoing the approval process with UNICEF and the UN so we can be registered as a vendor for the procurement process. We are also undergoing trials in waste water, as well as currently under going field trials with a major UK utility company in April to provide fresh water for remote locations in Scotland.

“We were recently approved by the DWI (Department of Water Inspectorate) for use in public water supplies – which allows UK water utility companies to utilise their technology in the delivery of water for human consumption.

Peter concludes, “In the near future we are looking to take the units to crisis hit areas and ultimately save lives.”

The generators also produce laboratory grade distilled water for:

· Research and Development – Industrial and Academic
· Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries
· Dental practices
· Metal plating
· Automotive Industries
· Humidification
· Laundry Services
· Cosmetics, Health and Beauty

For further information on the AWG 1500 fresh water generator visit www.atlanticwaterco.com or call 01651 862005. The AWG 1500 is listed in the "List of Approved Products and Processes for use in Public Water Supply" published by the DWI (http://www.dwi.gov.uk/drinking-water-products/approved-products/index.htm)


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