Approved by UK authorities for use in public water supply

Recently approved by UK authorities for use in public water supplies – this allows UK Water Utility companies to utilise our technology in the delivery of water for human consumption - the only approved Vacuum Vapour Compression water distillation system available.

It is ideal for remote locations where current operational costs are high - this is due to the very low maintenance, automatic operation and remote monitoring capabilities of the AWG1500. 

With the capacity to produce pure water from sea, ground and surface water without the use of chemicals or membranes, operational costs savings are delivered as part of a more robust and effective water treatment solution. 

It also facilitates waste reduction at treatment and testing plants, allowing recycling of processed water back into the supply chain.

It is flexible with the ability to scale up production with minimal or no additional civil works.

Approved for use in Public Water Supply – Approval number; DWI 56/4/1119



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